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Recorded at Daniel and Denton's in Springfield, Missouri. Piano recorded at Piano Craft, courtesy of Josef Hunt.


released July 23, 2006

re-released in December of 2006, some copies of which containing the bonus track "Tree Song (3rd Mix)."
Accordion, Organ, Engineer, Mixed By, Mastered By - Daniel Kirkpatrick
Acoustic Guitar - Arin Gilbert
Cd Packaging And Design - Ryan Baker
Backing Vocals, Harmonium - Nikki Richardson
Drums - Jesse Pierce
Rhodes - Tessa Huckaba
Electric Guitar - Arin Gilbert , Jeremiah Thomas
Music By - Pretty/Ugly
Piano - Philip Bowles
Producer - Arin Gilbert , Daniel Kirkpatrick
Vocals, Lyrics By - Arin Gilbert , Tessa Huckaba



all rights reserved


pretty/ugly Redding, California

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Track Name: Flotsam/Jetsam. (Prelude).
Let it escape, and let it fade,
Like a ship sailing off to a long, long voyage.

So, goodbye.
(I) Promise to write.
So, goodbye.
And when I feel welled up inside, I'll let it pass by.

Wave your hands high.
Promise to write.
But we both realize what leaving really means.

Won't you stay quiet?
Let it disappear.
It will fade softly, you won't even notice when it's gone.

(So, goodbye).

I'll let it pass by...
'Cause I'll be feeling better sometime.
Track Name: Do You Hide?
I will notice when you cry.
I will find you when you hide.
There's no need to hide.

I am covered with eyes.
I will find you where you hide.
There's no need to hide.

There is no way to escape.

Like a child do you hide,
Though you do know what is right.
There's no need to hide.

So take your place with those who fall in love...
Track Name: Come Along Now.
Leave what you've got, and come along now.
Just give it away, and lighten yourself.

Home will change; nothing will remain.
Just like the grass, everything will fade.

There is more than what we've left behind.
Soon there will be nothing besides you and I.

You're better off making a new way.
Come, follow me.
We'll find a new place.

Let me have it...
Track Name: Don't Run Away.
Don't run away now,
With all this weight pulling you down.

And now you want out,
And you feel lost in the dark.

Where has your faith gone?

Take heart:
You are not lost and you are not far off.

Don't run away now.
Why don't you wait for me now?
You say you want out--is that really what you want?
Track Name: My Son Is Gone.
How long has it been since you've come home?
Do you find you miss it more and more?
Are you at rest with all your dreams?
Have you found worth in anything?

What has taken you away from me?
The lure of something not yet seen?
Do you remember times with me?
I'm just not ready to forget them.

I've wanted to have you near.
I've wanted to have you here.

Just for once, would you come stay with me?
This time I need you here.

I've wanted you near to have you here.
Track Name: The Moon Cries. (I Am Empty).
The moon cries as it glows in the skies.

I walk the neighborhood.
I am still empty.
I walk the neighborhood, empty.

I spend the night thinking of what I might have done (differently).

I am overcome...by you.
Track Name: Grab Your Bags. (Homecoming).
This is what it's come down to.
This is who I'm without you.

Is it too late to come back home?
I should not have left all I've known.


Not one question will be asked.
Gladly do we take you back.

It's never too late to come back home.
Grab your bags and get off the road.
Grab your bags and head back home.
Track Name: Tree Song (3rd Mix)
All the trees have fallen down
Because their leaves are on the ground.
They forfeit height to meet in the dirt.

I saw you twice before I knew
You hid your thoughts neatly behind.
But oh, stand tall and empty on the floor.

Freezing rain adds to the ice:
Fragile branches weighing down,
Straining to take the bitterness so cold.

I'm just like the fallen trees outside my door.
You have no idea what you have become to me.

I know where you are right now.
It doesn't mean you're by yourself.
I'm right by your side--you don't have to be alone.

I understand what you have done, here.
You've made it clear now.
And all the things you say now
Sound like silence to my ear.